Well hi there,

it’s lovely

to meet you!

As you’ve guessed so far, I’m Amanda and I am the face of Amanda Goodyear Photography and all things behind the lens.

I started my career as a secondary school Art and Photography teacher and a bit of a rebel teacher I might add- one who doesn’t agree with homework or detentions, and although I’m such a people person and love inspiring young creatives, I decided that it was my time to shine and get my own creative buzz on. So about 4 years ago I put down the red pen and decided that I would spend my days photographing people in love and capturing memories.

At home, I’m mum to my gorgeous boy Ray and a mad labrador called Luna and live with my lovely partner Mo who is a kick arse PE teacher.

I love a good Netflix binge watch, am addicted to instagram and will always share my chicken nuggets! I would love to get to know you more and spend time capturing all your memories and moments.


True Crime documentaries 

A good Maccy D’s

Romantic gestures

Falling into TikTok rabbit holes

Coffee (yes I know weird right)!?

Beyonce ‘All the Single Ladies’ (don’t hate me)

Being unable to do most TikTok dance trends!

My Approach

With a degree in History of Art and a lifetime of loving to listen to stories and watching people just doing their thing (not a creepy way), I knew I was made for making memories for gorgeous couples, individuals and families.

The way I work is super relaxed. I like to get to know my clients and have a good ol’ chit chat, it’s so important to build your trust so that you absolute smash it in front of the lens. I like to work naturally letting you do your thing, however I know that some people like a little guidance so don’t worry I got you. With my non obtrusive directions I can turn the worst Chandler smile into magic. You might find yourself whispering dodgy jokes seductively into each others ears and giving an eyebrow a good sniff, but don’t worry there is method to the madness! Want proof? Head over to my galleries and see for yourself.