Family Photo Shoots

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Should I have a family shoot?

We live in with our phones in our hands poised to take a snap of our beautiful families at any given point so why bother? In my opinion the family photo shoot is all about the experience itself, heading out with the family to the forest, park or seaside and enjoying a few hours laughing until your cheeks hurt. The bonus at the end- some gorgeous shots of all of the family to cherish forever. It is always a joyous occasion and one that will be remembered for a lifetime. As a new mum myself I can’t wait for my own collection of family photos to adore in years to come!

What should we wear?

You can dress as casual or as smart as you wish, my only suggestions is to be comfortable and think about colours that work well together. If the kids are rocking some pastels try and go with the same theme. I would also always recommend avoiding really bright shirts or anything with a big slogan on (football tops just don’t quite cut it, much to my other half disappointment)!

My child is shy- how will you make them feel comfortable?

In a previous life I worked as a teacher for almost a decade and am used to working with children of all confidence levels, don’t worry if your little one is shy- my warm, relaxed approach will ensure that they feel happy at all times. I also recommend choosing a familiar location that they feel super happy being in to make the experience as wonderful as possible. I have worked with hundreds of children over my career which is one of the reasons I love family photography so much.

If you are liking the sound of a family shoot head over to my contact page and get in touch- I look forward to hearing from you.


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